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Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.

Hi, I’m Dave Curtis, owner of Brooksville Computer in Hernando County Florida and I’m a professional Search Engine Optimizer since 2007, dabbling in, reading about, and researching SEO since 1999. I’m also a multi-certified IT Engineer since the year 2000, including having passed CISCO certification exams. I mention that because I know the discipline and detail required to become a professional. How much reading and study, how many stacks of textbooks need to be read burning the midnight oil, and how much hands on time, trial and error, and even (believe it or not) how much IT Engineering router & server skills help in making Search Engine Optimization work better.*

There are two unprofessional things I don’t do. The first is to put a link on your front page to my site so I can get clicks to make more money.** The second is to give away a client’s secret sauce recipe (which is the SEO I do and how come the client site is ranking) for the competition to see. When we meet in person I’ll tell you who I’m working with and give you their phone numbers. Or better yet rattle off a dozen terms for you to type into Google yourself and see where they’re ranking, and you can call the company to confirm that I’m the one getting them those rankings. I’m doing business as Brooksville Computer since 2004 and I have a few websites. For SEO purposes I prefer (because it’s not confined to one geographic region) but local business site is

* They say “The Devil is in the Details” and it’s true. Technical details. And as I say in this video “I’m not going to go into the details” for a reason: I’ll bore and confuse many of you. I have some client’s who also have had IT training and they’re glad to know they’re speaking with someone competent not trying to pull the wool over their eyes. But the details can cost you more money with programmers and web developer background SEOs who don’t know IT Engineering, about the multi IP socket download / web page load speed increases what I know can provide. Instead they bill you separately for CDN (Content Delivery Network) services, which I know tricks to get you for free – in addition to my multi IP socket download / web page load speed increases.

** Did you know that links pointing out to other websites on your own site’s pages draw away from your own site’s page rank? What is lost is known in the SEO industry as “Link Juice”. Not only that, but the first page of your website is the most important page, and the one page where you definitely want to take special precautions not to place any outbound links at all if possible.

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