How to optimize ebay listings for cassini maximum exposure 2014-2015

Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.

How to optimize ebay listings for cassini maximum exposure 2014-2015

To be a successful eBay seller, it is important to have an understanding of all aspects of selling on eBay. eBay keeps Cassini’s search algorithms a secret which makes it very difficult to optimize eBay listings properly. Luckily there is some information out there for us sellers and I have compiled everything I could find into one article.

First of all I know there are ebay sellers that have no clue what Cassini is so I will briefly go over the general idea of how Cassini works.

Cassini Algorithms

Cassini uses algorithms that match a buyer’s search term with various pieces of information on your eBay listing such as product details, the price, the age of your listing, the quality of your item, shipping cost, shipping time, your feedback rating, the amout of items you currently have listed, your sell through rate, your return policy, your compliance with eBay’s regulations and many more details that we have no idea about. Whatever products match the closest to their super secret Algorithyms are the ones that are going to show up first.

Cassini optimization tips
From the information that I can gather, here are some of the tips to optimize your eBay listings for Cassini in 2014-2015.

Detailed Seller Raiting
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like eBay is going to be getting rid of DSRs anytime soon and even more unfortunate is the fact that Cassini pays attention to them in their Algorithms which means you need to keep your eBay account’s nose clean or else you are going to find yourself at the bottom of the list. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep your DSRs in good standing and here they are.
Provide Amazing customer service – When I say provide amazing customer service, I mean going the extra extra mile to the point where you are willing to take a profit loss to make sure your ebay customer is happy. There are so many indirect benefits to this idea in the form of repeat customers, huge boosts to positive feedback, more sales, and bigger sales.
Resolve open resolution cases ASAP.
Sell over 400 items in a 3 month period. This one is SUPER IMPORTANT, DSR dilution with eBay sales will decrease the time frame that ebay looks at down to 3 months rather than the standard 12 months. Let’s face it, it is easy to screw up in a 12 and be noticed when eBay is looking at your DSRs with a huge telescope. Sell 400 items in 3 months and you make them put an eye patch on so they can only look at a few of your inevitable star dings.
Sell over 400 items consecutively – If you sell 400 items for two periods, you automatically get a grace period where if you mess up and fall below standards you get another 3 months to get your DRS back on track which saves your listing placements, your ebay DSRs, your TOP RATED SELLER, and you 20% discount.
When the inveitable neutral or low ebay feedback is recieved – It is going to happen no matter what you do. Take it in stride, and respond to the feedback you get with a professional response such as ” I am sorry to hear about your issue, please contact us so we help resolve it “. Customers ready the responses and if they see you arguing or playing the blame game, you are going to loose sales.
Try to get your feedback / DSR dings changed – It never hurts to give eBay a call and talk to a rep. If you don’t like their response, call a few more times and talk to other reps, believe it or not, there are some customer service reps that are helpful.

Sell Through Ratio
Gone are the days when more views on your item meant more sales. Now more views with no sales = a Cassini Algorythm PENALTY. Why would you get a bunch of view on your item but no sales? Here are a few reasons.
Your pricing your items to high – I will be the first to admit, I am guilty of this BUT you have to remember that there ARE MORE FACTORS out there than just the CASSINI Algorythms. You always have to factor in the google search engines for sales as well. ( This probably should have been mentioned earlier, but I am on a roll and I can’t turn back now ).
You don’t accept returns.
You have a poor track record – I know, it’s a vicsious cycle.
Your titles are misleading.
Your general listing is somehow putting off your potential customers – Have an outside source look at your listings and tell you what is wrong. For a small fee, I would be more than happy to look at your listings and let you know what I think.

GTC – Good Till Cancelled
eBay’s Cassini and it’s best friend, the best match option. They reward sellers who have fresh items that are reasonably priced. If your items are sitting in your store months on end, your listing is like a sinking boat in a sea of active listing. THAT BEING SAID google search engines LOVE good till cancelled.

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