How to Top Rank Images in Google – Image SEO India 2015

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How to Top Rank Images in Google Image SEO India 2015

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In this video, a real life example is given to show you why you should spend time on other SEO tasks rather than image optimization.

This video tutorial shows step by step procedures for achieving first position rankings for HTML images. It talks about website folder structure and the importance of using keywords, how to name images and provide additional information using alt attributes and image titles as suggested by Google image publishing guidelines

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Image SEO is the ability to bring your Image of your website at Top Position in Google Search Engine Organically

We will Do Some Google Analysis Before Suggesting What you have to do for Image SEO

You can think of metadata as a digital fingerprint for your image files, and there are different software’s which allow you to create and also edit metadata information and tags. Google is a search engine that works digitally, and this search engine amongst others does in fact rely on many different factors/signal for calculating the relevance of images search per user search query. That is why it is critical to use metadata for providing additional information for your digital files such as your HTML images

Please Follow the Steps to Bring Your Image at Top Rank in Google

Step 1 : Use the keyword(s) in the file name
Step 2 : Attach Meta Data to Image
Step 3 : Optimize Your Alt Tags Intelligently
Step 4 : Optimize Page according to the Keyword
Step 5 : Step 5 :-Submit Image and Webpage URL to Google Share the your Image URL and webpage URL to Google Webmaster Go to below link and share

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How to Top Rank Images in Google Image SEO India 2015

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