How to Use Google Webmaster for Effective Search Engine Optimization?

Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.

This video provides information about How to Use Google Webmaster for Effective Search Engine Optimization?

Google webmaster is an important tool provided by Google that can help webmasters to execute the effective SEO techniques. Here I will discuss how effectively one can use Google webmaster for search engine optimization.

On accessing Google webmaster login, you will find Dashboard with crawl errors, search queries and sitemap option by default. There are several menu options at left hand side from where you can select various options.

1) Crawl Errors: Google robots crawl the website and internet and explore various types of crawl errors (URL errors) including 404 page not found, 500 server errors, faulty redirection errors etc. Google crawls these errors for desktop, Smartphone and other devices.

It is highly recommended to fix these errors by proper redirection of 404 errors on the concern pages. This will create good impact among the users while using the search engine and cannot come across the 404 page not found errors when the pages are indexed on search engine.

2) Through Sitemap section, one can submit the Google sitemap to crawl the website on better way. Even through this option you can test your sitemap formatted proper without any error. Even Google can display the alert or warning if anything wrong with your sitemap links so that you can rectify the sitemap with links for better crawlability.

3) HTML improvements under search appearance: This is also one of the important parameters to check during the optimization process. If your site meta-tags are similar to other site pages or the duplicate content with different links and similar meta-title or meta-description, the links with similar meta-titles and meta-descriptions are listed over here. So you can change and define proper meta-titles and/or meta-description for the page links. This will improve your site visibility in search engine better.

4) Links to Your Site under Search Traffic: shows the number of domains and site pages linked to your website. Here you can check that what types of inbound links your site is getting. If your site is getting links from poor quality sites, low PR and irrelevant websites, then you must remove such links pointing to your website from such low quality websites as these links badly affect your listing and ranking while Google rollout its algorithm like penguin.

So keep continue checking the new inbound links incurred by your site and if it is good link keep it up and if it is bad links/inorganic links/unnatural links/links coming from low pr irrelevant website — add such bad links or domain in disavow file and update on Google disavow tool to avoid such links in Google consideration that may panelize your site in future

How your data is linked – This section shows how your site pages are linked through anchor text. This is important to know that which anchor text are highly dominating to your website. if it is the same keyword/phrases/search terms, which you are targeting for optimization, your SEO process is on the right track but if these anchor text are not relevant to your search queries, you must rectify such linking to increase more searchable key terms. E.g. If your site content is highly linked with words like “read more”, “click here” etc, it will escape of promoting the important keywords for your website. So in such condition, you need to increase some important and meaningful anchor text for your website linking.

Your most linked content is another important section to go through under Links to your website that reflects the number of links pointing to each page of your website. Even it shows that these links are pointed to your each web page by how many domains. This section is one of the most important parameters to see the page strength. If particular page is getting high numbers of good links from different high PR domains, it will increase the power of that page to rank high. The same way if particular page is getting high numbers of bad links from different low PR domains, it will decrease the power of that page to drop it further in search results. So based on this you can evaluate the power of each page and you can analyze if some important page is ranked low with important keywords, you can check it and remove the excessive bad links from those low pr domains to increase the trust value for that important page to move up its listing on search engine.

There are many other parameters in Google webmaster, which one should look thoroughly during the optimization process to clean the site well.

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