Importance of Search Engine Optimization || SEO Fundamentals

Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.

We will cover Tutorials series on SEO (Search Engine Optimization ). Follow the full tutorial series to learn essentials.

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The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives since the first
page popped up on the World Wide Web, just two short decades ago.
Next to email, what we do most with the Internet is search, and that’s because
search is really the gateway to everything else we do online.
In this course we’ll walk through the fundamentals of Search Engine
Optimization, or SEO for short.
While SEO can become very technical, and very complicated, very quickly, in this
course we’ll focus on the fundamentals.
We’ll talk about how to find and research the keywords that you want your
pages to rank for, how to come up with an optimized content for those target
keywords, and the importance of links from other websites and social exposure.
We’ll look at the concepts and we’ll even dive into some code.
And along the way, we’ll touch on e-commerce, local, and even
international considerations.
Last, we’ll focus on measurement strategies that can help you understand just
what you’re getting back from your investment in search engine optimization.
The Internet is now simply a part of our everyday lives, and as consumers we rely
on search engines to show us what we’re looking for.
As a business it’s no longer good enough to just be online, these days you
have to be found.

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