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The original video was kind of long and rambled a little bit, but I really didn’t know a shorter way of explaining how I got into doing search engine optimization for a living.

In this video I show you a few of the actual techniques that I employ to get sites and videos on YouTube to climb high in Google’s algorithm.

I think there is still the misconception that an SEO guy is just some nerd that gets on your website and tweaks some of the meta tags keywords to the proper “keyword density” to bring your site to the top of search engine listings. That may have been true many years ago, but these days the presence of keywords and most meta data has any influence on where your website ranks in Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Google believes in the user having a good experience while using Google as a search engine so it is now evaluating potential websites based on whether they deliver a mobile version of their site or not, their page speed, how long users spend on the site and how often they return. In geek language this is called a “bounce rate”.

Also in this video I cover one of my favorite new methods to drive customers traffic and that is through the use of YouTube and other video sharing platforms. It is no secret that YouTube is owned by Google, so it should be no mystery that they like to place their own properties ahead of those owned by others because they are displaying their AdSense web advertising, which is the primary source of income for everyone at the company up in Silicon Valley.

While Google may look down upon search engine optimization, whether it’s done in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world, if it is done ethically using “white hat” methods that conform to Google’s best practices, it is not very hard to achieve good rankings, just as long as your site has good content.

One of the aspects of my job that gives me the greatest amount of satisfaction is doing local search placement, that is for smaller mom-and-pop businesses that can’t compete with large corporations who are getting the lion’s share of the traffic anyways. I have developed a paper-per-lead strategy where a client is only billed if their phone actually rings.

2015 should be a very interesting year for Internet marketing and digital marketing in general, in this video I have outlined some of the things I think will be hot in this next coming year and some of the things that you should be avoiding.

May 2015 be a prosperous year for all of us.

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