Magic of Keyword Research in SEO – Google Keyword Planner – Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.

Magic of Keyword Research in SEO – Google Keyword Planner – Search Engine Optimization Strategies
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In this video of YouTube “Magic of Keyword Research in SEO – Google Keyword Planner – Search Engine Optimization Strategies” I have briefly discussed as a bunch of tools to help you track and improve your SEO. One of the biggest parts of SEO is understanding keywords,if you’re starting a site you want to incorporate keywords that aren’t competitive, but still get a lot of searches. When we say competitive, it just means a lot of sites are trying to get on the first page of google or YouTube for that keyword search.

Googles keyword planner sk tool you could spend days with this tool, but we’ll do a brief overview. Let’s start with, “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”. These tools are built for use with adwords, but they also work for Organic keyword ideas.If we search by competition we’ll see the usual suspects, sexy nurse, firefighter, zebra, but we’re looking for an outlier, something with a decent number of average searches but low competition. Dig a little deeper and sort by monthly searches and go through a few pages, and we find our outlier.Keyword you should never google,keywords for your website,keyword research for beginners,keyword research for Seo,Sexy ghost Costume,kewords tool with an ok number of monthly searches and only low competition, plus a lower suggested bid, which also means less competition. That would be a great keyword to optimize a page for, not sure about the actual costume though.

In this video I have discussed Seo, keywords for youtube videos, keywords research,keywords you should never google, keywords for your website,keywords tool, keyword research tool, keyword research for beginners, keyword research tutorial, keyword research bangla tutorial, keyword research for seo, keyword planner, keyword planner for seo, keyword planner for youtube, keyword planner tool, keyword planner for keyword research, keyword planner adwords, seo in guk, seo tutorial for beginners, seolhyun running man, seonkyoung longest, seo in guk bebe, google keyword planner tool 2016, google keyword planner tools, google keyword planner for seo, google keyword planner competition.

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