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Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.

New bloggers don’t know how to Optimize Images for SEO. So don’t worry friends you can read this topic here: http://ptc-paidtoclick786.blogspot.com/2015/07/tips-to-optimize-images-for-seo-in.html

Optimize images for SEO follow these steps:

1. Use Relevant Images
Always use relevant images for your blog post. for example you have written about “cars” then you have to upload a car image.

2. Quality Images Format
Use PNG format for first post image and for further images use JPEG format.

3. Use Keywords in Image name
For optimize images for seo always use an image which name should be on keywords.

4. Use Hyphen in Image name
Use hyphen in image name. Don’t use space, slash and underscore in image name.

5. Compress Images
Whenever you download an image from google you should compress the image before posing.

6. Give Proper Dimension
Use one dimension on the post main image and for further images you can apply suitable dimension.

7. Give Title & Alt Tags
This is very important step in optimize images for SEO. When you upload a pic in a post never forget to give title and alt tags.

I hope you will keep in mind these steps and apply it for your blog images. In this way you will get a huge traffic from search engines.
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