Search Engine Optimization Trends for 2016

Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How. – A Summary OF Major Search Engine changes in 2015: the long awaited MobileGeddon update which penalized sites lagging behind in mobile compliance. Major overhaul to local ranks with the new local three-pack query result. This is a reflection of mobile phone viewing space. And a new quality algorithm for content.

6 Top Trends in Search Engines for 2016:
1. Video Content will begin to overtake written content in your ROI for B2C (Business to Commerce industries) and B2B will soon follow suit.
2. Mobile-Optimization (optimized for search) will become more important. The number of people using their smart phones for search will increase.
3. Digital Assistants will change the way we think about search queries. Think of Siri, Alexa and Google Now voice activated search tools. Spoken language queries are different than typed queries, meaning a whole new type of long-tail keyword queries will emerge.
4. Live feed sites (like Twitter) compile news stores as they unfold. This type of algorithm will narrow the field of content marketing for everyone.
5. Social Content will be more readily indexed. Social post will carry a value and a consideration similar to any independent web page.
6. Deep links in Apps will become more important. Deep links to apps (meaning links that point toward a specific page or section of a specific app will start to carry more meaning. For more SEO support please visit our packages on

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