Six Easy YouTube SEO Tricks to Increase Views and Gain Subscribers

Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.

You’ve been making excellent and engaging videos, but you can’t figure out why your views don’t seem to increase from video to video. The solution? these six easy YouTube seo optimization 2015 tips I’ll be sharing with you in this video.

If you want to grow your YouTube Channel, it is imperative that you understand and properly implement search engine optimization to make your video content and your channel as discoverable as possible.

Today I will show you six search engine optimization tips that will help you grow your channel effectively.

Search engine optimisation is very simply configuring your video content to help search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo to easily discover and deliver your content to people who are searching for it.

In this YouTube SEO tutorial, I’ll show you why your views are lower than you’d like and why so much great content goes undiscovered on YouTube.

How does YouTube SEO work? Here are the six parts of your videos you need to configure to maximize your youtube seo ranking:

1. File Name should be descriptive and use keywords as much as possible

2. Video Title should follow suit

3. Video Description should describe the video in detail (Google and YouTube search the text) and use keywords when possible

4. Video Tags should follow suit (don’t overuse them)

5. Create links to your videos from other websites (including your own blog)

6. Create your content to encourage High Watch Time

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