The Cost of Traditional Media vs Search Engine Optimization

Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.

So what exactly is SEO and how does it compare with the more traditional methods of advertising? In this video we’ll explain exactly what you need in order to be competitive in today’s ever-changing market.

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Did you know it takes an average of 17 impressions for someone to make a buying decision about your organization or product? A buying decision can also mean making a commitment to come to your event, webinar, or service. It takes 17 impressions to convert them.

Keep in mind, you also need to craft the right message, for the right audience, in the right geographic area with enough frequency in order to convert any of those impressions.

Let’s dive deeper into the costs.

The Cost of Traditional Media

For local TV and radio advertising, air time costs between 0 to ,000 dollars per commercial. Multiply that by 17 times and you get ,000 dollars to maybe convince someone about your product. And guess what? When the commercial stops so do your impressions. This year’s Super Bowl local ad air time is ,000 dollars for 30 seconds. Nationally it’s 4 Million. That doesn’t include the strategy, design, filming, or production of the commercial!

Even if you’re just mailing an advertisement or postcard, mailing 10,000 cards at .50 per card is ,000 dollars. The average return on that is less than 1% of the total mailing list. That’s 15,000 dollars for 100 people. Again, that doesn’t include the cost of designing the postcard!!!!

The cost of optimizing your site

With SEM it only costs 0 dollars a month to have these services done:
NAP Audit
Site Submissions to over 50 citations
Keyword Strategy
Content and Title Tag Creation
Local Citation Listings
Ongoing Website Updates for Bots
Deep linking
Schema Optimized
Ghost Blogging
Hastag and Google Trends Strategy
Web UX Strategy
Weekly Reporting

In less than 12 months, we’ll get your name, address, and phone number submitted to over 50 citation sites including: Google, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Yahoo, Superpages, and more. Your crawl listings, claim listings, display reviews, track rankings, and site schema are all optimized, along with your deep listings completed, site map continuously updated and content and title tag created for each page on your site.

Digital Marketing done right, in one year, with minor social media maintenance can get your google ranking on the 1st the page and keep it there for only 0 dollars a month. This is customized messaging directly to your target audience’s phone for a fraction of the traditional broadcast cost with NONE of the traditional overhead or production fees.

What is the cost of not optimizing your site?
The lost opportunity of not capturing over 50% of your local market is too much to calculate!


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