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Video production and marketing companies in Virginia Beach are great at producing videos for small businesses and events. But how about getting those videos seen?

Even if the videos produced are meant to be showcased on a client’s website or shared via social media channels, why would search engine traffic get overlooked?

Video SEO or Search Engine Optimization can get your Virginia Beach videos ranked in Google, where 2/3 of all search traffic comes from.

A properly optimized video marketing and promotional campaign can produce dozens and even hundreds of leads per month for local businesses and for events.

If you are a video production company in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or Chesapeake, contact us for Video SEO services for you and your clients.

We even provide Joint Venture arrangements where you can offer video SEO services to your clients and earn residual money from it. We provide the ranking and exposure, you get paid monthly.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me, Bradley Benner of Big Bamboo Marketing today:

Big Bamboo Marketing
(540) 445-1765

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