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What is SEO : http://what-is-seo-optimization.blogspot.com/2016/09/what-is-seo-search-engine-optimization.html – Learn what is seo improvement of rank on search engin’s search result. SEO rank optimization that seo service provider companies offers.

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The process of Optimizing your website to rank at
the top position at search result by search
engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing on search
keyword is named SEO.

Example of what is seo : Suppose you have got a SEO company and your product is SEO services. therefore you give SEO services everywhere the globe. Your main target client is WHO needs seo service. therefore what individuals can search on Google to seek out the simplest SEO company ? they’ll merely search by typewriting “best SEO company” or “best SEO firms for tiny business”. during this case your websites keyword got to be set as “best SEO firms for tiny business” or “best SEO company” and well optimized .

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What matters for SEO ?

keywords, Title , Description, Backlinks, Reputation and few other things.

We need to grasp why SEO is that the key to success for any business running on on-line. Some individuals use Yellow Page and web log like that to seek out a business however the proportion is to low. the majority use search engines currently a days to seek out any business. There area unit few widespread programme like Google, Amazon, Search, Yahoo ,Bing and far a lot of. Having a staning web site isn’t enough if your site isn’t visible at search on those search engines. as a result of Google is that the most well-liked programme and a few one among your target client won’t grasp your web site address what seo service provider companise optimize that they truly search on Google by specific keywords associated with your business. Then google can counsel high ten websites World Health Organization area unit Google’s programme optimized. Google follow bound algorithmic rule to rank those sites. What is seo ?So, primarily the highest ten sites on google’s first page has the foremost modification to urge client. that’s why your web site ought to be SEO optimized which means optimized with the google’s algorithmic rule to rank on the first page on course keywords associated with your business. Keywords area unit the word or cluster of word by which individuals do search on programme. and therefore the method that seo service companies use of optimize your web site with the search engine’s algorithmic rule is is aware of as SEO. this can be why programme improvement is that the key to success for any on-line business. 94% people remain at the 1st page and do not switch to other pages. 83% of people use google as search engine. Top 3 sites of search engine’s search result are visited by 65% of total visitor.

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That was search engine optimization companies knowledge about what is seo.

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