What is Video Search Engine Optimization and Youtube SEO ?

Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.

What is Video Search Engine Optimization? Video SEO is the practice of providing the metadata (or “information”) for your content to search engines to improve the richness of search results (i.e. “rich snippets”) and ultimately drive more web visitors. More and more people read the pages of your website , on their smartphones . But with so much reading on tiny mobile devices, a readers’ vision might begin get a little strained. Webcide.com lets your eyes take a break from text by creating high quality videos , that combine the biggest facts in your website , with easily recognizable images. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then here’s hoping that a video will speak millions for your website .

Webcide.com has developed a sophisticated video technology that help ranks videos on the first page of google . The technology uses natural language processing algorithms, scanning each piece of text to understand the essence of your content . The technology then summarizes the content into a narrative script for the video-to-be , keeping in focus all search engine optimization factors .

Webcide.com packages your branded videos separately, depending on content type, selecting video clips, photos, and infographics from your own content .

After the videos are search engine optimized , using the advanced video coding and programming process developed by us , we are ready to upload them . Our text-to-video technology is based on advanced NLP and machine learning as well as advanced artificial intelligence components .

Webcide.com video technology is able to create a visual story from pure and unstructured text . Webcide.com has developed a technology that turns text-based articles, blogs, webpages, and more , into high quality , short videos . http://www.webcide.com/#!video-seo-technology/c1i1f

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