Actress Mona Vasu sexually harassed 2015

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New Delhi: Now this is just getting too much. While the crime rate in the city is growing repeatedly and safety of women is what is bothering the nation, here is one actress who got molested recently.

Actress Mona Vasu of Parichay and Yudh fame was molested on the night of March 11 while returning home.

The incident took place near Versova Jetty and after the incident, Mona immediately went to Versova police station to report a case against the man who molested her.

The man named Randeep Kumar Gupta was arrested immediately and was presented at Andheri court today.

So all is well no! and Mona is also a happy go lucky cheerful girl who never takes nonsense from anyone. Does Mona look someone who would be quiet and shy about it?

She was bold enough to take action against that man and everyone must do exactly that.

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