HTML5 Tutorial For Beginners 2015 part 2 in hindi/urdu

Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.
In this HTML tutorial 2015 part 2 in hindi/urdu, I explain the basic structure of an HTML webpage and introduce some important base of html
And so it begins! The HTML Beginner Tutorial assumes that you have absolutely no previous knowledge of HTML or CSS.

It should be easy to follow if you work through each page and then, to celebrate, everything that’s covered is brought together at the end, before moving on to the CSS Beginner Tutorial.

The primary thing to keep in mind, the supermagic key, is that HTML is used for meaning and CSS is used for presentation. HTML is nothing more than fancy structured content and the visual formatting of that content will come later when we tackle CSS. You might find different approaches elsewhere on the web but HTML Dog focuses on best practice from the outset and getting into the frame of mind of doing things the right way from the start will lead to much better results in the end.

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